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Think designing your custom-made cake is more complicated than ordering your cake online? Think again.

UpCake makes it easy to build your perfect cake in easy steps;

Choose cake type:

Do you want a regular cake or custom-made cake with unique dietary needs? Enjoy your cake without worrying.

Choose cake shape:

Round, heart, square, alphabet, or numeric shapes can be whipped up. Take design to the next level and request a custom cake shape too.

Choose cake size:

Customize your cake size according to the number of servings. Everyone gets some cake!

Choose the number of layers:

Choose multiple layers upon layers of creamy deliciousness that can’t be matched.

Select the perfect flavors, fillings, and frosting:

It’s your cake. You choose the flavors, fillings, and frostings. Get creative.

Bustling marketplace for bakers

Get visible:

Join a marketplace that is specially crafted for your trade. We’ll put your business in front of your target customers and build a community.

Grow your business:

Cross your business goals quickly. Grow your business and become a house-known name for crafting and baking the most delicious cakes.

Challenge yourselves:

Accept outrageous cake designs and challenge yourselves. Discover new designs and techniques, and expand your baking knowledge.

Easy delivery

Design your perfect cake, select your bakery, and update your information.Can’t make pick up? No worries!
We’ll bring your custom-made cake right to your doorstep.

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